Matthew Clanahan; ISFJ; 25-year-old graduate student; Learning Support Specialist and adjunct English instructor at Three Rivers College; Bachelor's of Science in Mass Media/Radio with a minor in math from Southeast Missouri State University; Apple enthusiast; total geek; coffee connoisseur; flannel lover, multiple-instrument musician; drummer for Berlin Airlift; caffeine addict; LGBT ally; Christ follower; ordinary radical

Interests: peace, love, equality, people, social justice, human rights, feminism, music, vinyl records, lyrics, quotes, art, poetry, films, books, technology, coffee, tea, demilitarization, sustainability, community, community development, community gardening, historic preservation, Jesus, theology, heterodoxy

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I listen to a lot of music.

I spend a bit too much time swooning over pictures on Tumblr of people I find attractive.

I appreciate meaningful/artistic/literary/lyric tattoos.



Two Knight’s new album Shut Up is pretty brilliant, with the instruments and the lyrical jabs that hurt my heart. Go check it out on bandcamp! 

You were using sex as a weapon before I even knew we were fighting, but I can’t blame you for how much it hurt. You never knew how fragile I was, how ready to fall into what I thought was love.


Just wow. Those lyrics are too freaking good.

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I’ll follow you into the dark,
through the jungle, through the dark
Girl, I’ve never loved one like you

Always reblog.

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We Will Make It There//Abby Gundersen.

Her voice makes me envision a clear, western coast sunset with great friends and water crashing against gray, plant-clad cliffs.

Probably because it’s where I’d like to call home one day.

Create your own place,


So gorgeous. Ah.

It’s just not right for one family to contain so much talent.

This is so good.

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I woke, cold and alone
Adrift in an open sea
Caught up in regrets
And tangled in nets
Instead of your arms wrapped around me

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Come kiss my face goodbye,
that space below my eye and above my cheek
Cause I’m faint and fading fast, and I see a darkness
And I shall be released.

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