Matthew Clanahan; ISFJ; 25-year-old graduate student; Learning Support Specialist and adjunct instructor at Three Rivers College; Bachelor's of Science in Mass Media/Radio with a minor in math from Southeast Missouri State University; Apple enthusiast; total geek; coffee connoisseur; flannel lover, multiple-instrument musician; drummer for Berlin Airlift; caffeine addict; LGBT ally; Christ follower; ordinary radical

Better half: sydthekiddd

Interests: peace, love, equality, people, social justice, human rights, feminism, music, vinyl records, lyrics, quotes, art, poetry, films, books, technology, coffee, tea, demilitarization, sustainability, community, community development, community gardening, historic preservation, Jesus, theology, orthodoxy, heterodoxy

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I listen to a lot of music.

I spend a bit too much time swooning over pictures on Tumblr of people I find attractive.

I appreciate meaningful/artistic/literary/lyric tattoos.


No one is illegal. The people you call illegal are human beings, whose only crime was being born on the wrong side of a border: A border that was created as a result of an unjust war. When they become desperate, and unable to support their families, they will do what any of you would do, which is look for opportunity elsewhere. Ask yourself, if you were living in a nation where there was very little opportunity, and you knew that by going to the country right next door you might make your life and the lives of your children better, wouldn’t you do it? Wouldn’t any good parent do that? To say no is to say that people should suffer because of circumstances that are beyond their control. Is that really what you want your country to be about?

Tim Wise, anti-racism author, essayist, and educator. (via bethefoodoflove)