Matthew Clanahan; ISFJ; 25-year-old graduate student; Learning Support Specialist and adjunct instructor at Three Rivers College; Bachelor's of Science in Mass Media/Radio with a minor in math from Southeast Missouri State University; Apple enthusiast; total geek; coffee connoisseur; flannel lover, multiple-instrument musician; drummer for Berlin Airlift; caffeine addict; LGBT ally; Christ follower; ordinary radical

Better half: sydthekiddd

Interests: peace, love, equality, people, social justice, human rights, feminism, music, vinyl records, lyrics, quotes, art, poetry, films, books, technology, coffee, tea, demilitarization, sustainability, community, community development, community gardening, historic preservation, Jesus, theology, orthodoxy, heterodoxy

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I listen to a lot of music.

I spend a bit too much time swooning over pictures on Tumblr of people I find attractive.

I appreciate meaningful/artistic/literary/lyric tattoos.


Study Shows That The Abortion Rate Falls Dramatically When Contraception Is Free


A study published last fall in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology shows that providing free birth control to women and teenaged girls does, in fact, have a dramatic impact on the rate of unintended pregnancy, which, in turn, impacts the abortion rate. The study, which included more than 9,000 women and teenagers in the St. Louis area, and found that providing free birth control, including IUDs and hormonal implants, reduced the abortion rate by 62% to 78%.


(Source: azspot)