Matthew Clanahan; ISFJ; 25-year-old graduate student; Learning Support Specialist and adjunct instructor at Three Rivers College; Bachelor's of Science in Mass Media/Radio with a minor in math from Southeast Missouri State University; Apple enthusiast; total geek; coffee connoisseur; flannel lover, multiple-instrument musician; drummer for Berlin Airlift; caffeine addict; LGBT ally; Christ follower; ordinary radical

Better half: sydthekiddd

Interests: peace, love, equality, people, social justice, human rights, feminism, music, vinyl records, lyrics, quotes, art, poetry, films, books, technology, coffee, tea, demilitarization, sustainability, community, community development, community gardening, historic preservation, Jesus, theology, orthodoxy, heterodoxy

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I listen to a lot of music.

I spend a bit too much time swooning over pictures on Tumblr of people I find attractive.

I appreciate meaningful/artistic/literary/lyric tattoos.


Forever Nerdy

I’ve spent quite a bit of time yesterday and this morning updating my Tumblr sidebar to go public with my new blog, linked above.  If you’re interested in my take on all things nerdy — video games, technology, sci-fi/fantasy, literature, film, and anything else I feel like — feel free to check out my other blog. 

This blog will be continue to be maintained as my personal/religious/political/art/culture blog.